Session 1 : One Disease Many Facets : Basic Concepts of Nens

Chairpersons : Dr. Sudeep Shah, Dr. B. A. Krishna, Dr. Harjit Singh

Pathology of NENs : Essenatial Elements

Speaker : Dr. Anita Borges

Perspectives in Diagnosis

Speaker :Prof. Kjell Oberg

Cross Sectional Imaging Options

Speaker : Prof. Timm Denecke

Molecular Imaging: Diagnostic

Speaker : Prof. Aravind RaviKumar

Chairpersons : Dr. P. Jagannath, Dr. Prabha Sawant, Dr. Sharmila Banerjee

Principles and Spectrum of Surgical Options

Speaker : Prof. Massimo Falconi

Systemic Therapy

Speaker : Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann

Isotope Therapy

Speaker : Dr. B. A. Krishna

Session 2 : Pathology - Issues on the Horizon

Chairpersons : Dr. Chandralekha Tampi, Dr. Jay Mehta, Dr. Pravin Mahajan

What we have and What is Coming: Chromogranin vs Novel Biomarkers

Speaker : Prof. Andrea Frilling

New Insights and Therapeutic Implicaons: NET G3 Vs NEC G3

Speaker : Dr. Mukta Ramadwar

Zebra Phenomenon in NETS

Speaker : Dr. Anita Borges

Session 3 : Imaging-Beyond Seeking the enemy

Chairpersons : Dr. Sunil Jaggi

Triphasic CT in NET Diagnostic Dilemmas

Speaker : Prof. Timm Denecke

Diffusion Weighted MRI in NEN : Problem Solving Tool ?

Speaker : Dr. Karthik Ganesan

FDG PET and WHO Grading - Impact on Survival

Speaker : Dr. S. Ray

Imaging beyond DOTA

Speaker : Prof. Aravind RaviKumar


Speaker : Dr. Pankaj Dhawan

Plenary 1

Chairpersons : Dr. P. Jagannath, Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande

The Asymptomatic patient - Premium Nonnocere

Speaker :Prof. Massimo Falconi

Session 4 : Case Discussion

Chairpersons : Dr. Samir Parikh, Dr. Mohan Joshi, Dr. Kamran Khan

Muldisciplinary Case Discussion: Mulple Polyps in Stomach, NET G1/G2

Moderator : Dr. P. Jagannath

Panelists : Dr. Saumil Shah, Dr. Mukta Ramadwar, Dr. Shrinivas Desai, Dr. Rajiv Shah, Dr. Madhuri Shimpi

Session 5 : Symposium - Right patients for right intervention : Non Surgical Radiological Approaches

Chairpersons : Dr. Vimal Someshwar, Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan, Dr. Liau Kui Hin

Radiofrequency Ablation

Speaker : Dr. Suyash Kulkarni

Embolotherapy; TACE & TARE

Speaker : Dr. Rahul Sheth

Patients Selection and Integrating the Interventions in the Treatment Algorithm

Speaker : Prof. Andrea Frilling

Keynote Lecture 1

Chairpersons : Prof. Kjell Oberg, Dr. Anita Borges

Genetics and Epigenetics of NEN

Speaker : Prof. Paul Newey

Novartis Symposium

Advances in the Management of NET - The Past, Present and Future

Speaker : Dr. Fabian Herbst

Conference Oration

Chairpersons : Dr. S. H. Advani, Prof. Massimo Falconi

Orator: Prof. Kjell Oberg

Topic: "Then & Now”