Session 6 : Symposium - Carcinoid Tumor

Chairpersons : Dr. N. F. Shah, Dr. Avinash Supe, Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann

What is Carcinoid? Clearing the Confusion

Speaker : Dr. Pravin Mahajan

Medical Management of Carcinoid Syndrome and Carcinoid Crisis

Speaker : Dr. Shashank Joshi

Small Bowel NET with Liver Metastasis-To Intervene or Not

Speaker : Dr. Liau Kui Hin

Carcinoid Heart Disease-Pathophysiology to Treatment

Speaker : Dr. C. K. Ponde

Session 7 : Your cases and our Experts

Moderator : Dr. P. Jagannath

Case Presentation Teams: Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Speaker : Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande

Case Presentation Teams: Tata Memorial Hospital, Kolkata

Speaker : Dr. K. Mohandas

Case Presentation Teams: Tata Memorial Hospital, Ahmedabad

Speaker : Dr. Jagdish Kothari

Session 8 : Symposium - Problems in Pancreatico Duodenal Net

Chairpersons : Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan, Dr. Harjit Singh, Dr. Sujai Hegde

Hypoglycemia with No Obvious Mass - Role of Imaging/Endoscopy

Speaker : Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann

Pancreatic Tumour with Liver Mets-Resect or Non Resect

Speaker :Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande

Duodenal NET-Endoscopy,Laparoscopy or Surgery?

Speaker : Dr. R. Krishnan

MANEC-A much Misunderstood Entity

Speaker : Dr. Chandralekha Tampi

Surveillance vs Surgery < 2 cm Pancreatic Non-Functioning NET

Speaker : Dr. Sharmila Sachithanandan

Session 9 : MEN (Dedicated to Dr. Deepak Amprapurkar)

Chairpersons : Prof. Andrea Frilling, Dr. Manoj Chadha,Dr. Anjali Amrapurkar

Keynote Lecture - MEN in Black & White

Speaker : Prof. Paul Newey

Case Discussion - MEN

Moderator : Dr. Nalini Shah, Dr. Shashank Joshi

Novartis Symposium (Junior Ballroom)

Overcoming the Dilemma of Treatment Sequencing in GEPNETs

Speaker : Dr. Zanariah Hussein

Plenary 2

Chairpersons : Prof. Kjell Oberg, Dr. N. H. Banka

Update - Current Therapeutic Algorithms in NET

Speaker : Prof. Bertram Wiedenmann

Session 10 : Symposium - Evolving Therapeutic Landscape: From Symptom to Disease control

Chairpersons : Dr. S.D.Banavali, Dr. Asha Kapadia, Dr. Pankaj Shah

Anti-Tumor Effect of Somatostatin Analogues - Do we Know More?

Speaker : Dr. Shekhar Patil

Refining the Role of Chemotherapy in Neuroendocrine Neoplasma

Speaker : Dr. Senthil Rajappa

mTOR Inhibition in Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: The Place in Therapy & Impact of Latest Trials

Speaker : Dr. B. K. Smruti

Relevance of An Angiogenesis Targeting in Neuroendocrine Neoplasma: Sunitinib and Beyond

Speaker :Dr. T. Raja

Role of Immunotherapy in NET - Is there a Future?

Speaker : Dr. Sandeep Goyle

Panel Discussion

Moderator : Prof. Kjell Oberg

Panelists : Dr. Shekhar Patil, Dr. Senthil Rajappa, Dr. B. K. Smruti, Dr. T Raja, Dr. Sandeep Goyle

Session 11: Global Highlights of Nets

Chairpersons : Dr. B.K.Smruti, Dr. Sudeep Shah

Refining the treatment of NEN

Speaker : Prof. Kjell Oberg

Addressing the Ument Needs; Emerging New Drugs

Speaker : Prof. Bertram Weidenmann

Surgical Updates

Speaker : Prof. Andrea Frilling

Debate - 1

Engima in RECTAL NET: Resection Surgical or Endoscopic

Moderator : Dr. M. Begani

Endoscopy : Dr. K. Mohandas

Surgery : Dr. Puneet Dhar

Session 12: Challenges in Surgery-case Capsule with videos

Chairpersons : Chetan Kantharia, Dr. G. V. Rao, Dr. Prasad Wagle

Bilobar Liver Mets

Speaker : Prof. Andrea Frilling

Central Pancreatectomy

Speaker : Dr. Manish Bhandare

Robotic Surgery in Pancreatic NET

Speaker : Dr. Jagdish Kothari

Robotic Pancreatectomy

Speaker : Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande

Pancreatic Head Mass with Arterial Involvement

Speaker : Dr. P. Jagannath

Debate - 2

Does Liver Transplanatation Improve Survival in NET Liver Mets

Moderator : Dr. Hitesh Chavda, Dr. Bhavna Parikh

Yes : Dr. Amit Rastogi

No : Dr. K. Mohandas